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Shanghai X-imaging Information Technology Co. Ltd. is a core technology with advanced imaging technology, science and technology enterprises as the main support to analysis instruments, testing equipment, intelligent recognition, cloud computing, big data analysis system..


  • Chief account officer
    Post responsibility:
    • 1、leading channel sales team to develop sales channels, the main direction is through different industry cooperation, group customers and large enterprise market cooperation to achieve channel sales performance;
    • 2、Lead the channel operation team to maintain and operate the contracted channels, ensure the smooth connection between the contracted channels and our business, and supervise and check the daily work of the channels;
    • 3、Coordinate the support departments of the company, make full use of the company resources, ensure the channel partners to achieve the sales achievement smoothly;
    • 4、provide the development thinking and strategy, the channel business and to oversee the implementation of the specific work plan;
    • 5、timely feedback market information, and cooperate with the product department design and development of new products suitable for channel sales, so that the company's products in the channel leading edge.
    Job requirements:
    • 1、in the sales management and business development experience;
    • 2、there are more than 3 years experience in team leadership (5 or more);
    • 3、more than 5 years of tourism industry distribution, cross industry cooperation, group customer purchase related sales management experience;
    • 4、the existing channel resources priority.




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