Intelligent transportation in the era of artificial intellig


In 2017, if you hadn't heard artificial intelligence, shared bikes, and nobody's supermarket, then you must be OUT. In 2017, it is the artificial intelligence and sharing series one of the hottest years, we are talking by twos and threes their understanding of the times, and then kill the unmanned supermarket, is to let everyone experience the people exclaimed, lined up in a continuous line.

No one supermarket this suddenly available, so many people into a panic. Most people will worry about their jobs will be our era of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other high-tech technology to rob.

Mr. Ma has officially responded, he said the Alibaba was not let all the stores no one completely unmanned, but to give the industry a signal, some inspiration, some shocking, some thought he wanted to no retail shop this way, let all the retail industry to reflect and think you can do better.

In the era of artificial intelligence, intelligence is not to defeat or even "eliminate" instead of human beings, but to do things that human beings can not do, to serve mankind. But if you are lazy, but it will be abandoned by the times.

When the supermarket is not cut when no heat, this time, the stage of the HUAWEI.

No one supermarket boom, HUAWEI on stage

The HUAWEI market is not mobile phones, nor is it no supermarket, but through the use of artificial intelligence and a series of technologies to help solve the problem of China's road congestion, parking difficulties.

At present, there are two main aspects existing in our country's traffic problems:

1. Road congestion

At present, most of the city in China has no way Kexiu state. If on the road to solve congestion, huge cost. Our annual congestion costs accounted for nearly 2% of GDP, about 1 trillion yuan.

2, parking difficulties

Compared to road congestion, parking difficulties is an intolerable fact. Every day we have to seize the parking spaces, like the occupation of land as crazy.

No one supermarket intelligence fire explosion, HUAWEI began to layout of transportation industry

And this HUAWEI in order to solve the problem of China's road traffic, announced that it will join the Shenzhen police, to create intelligent traffic. Directly to our daily life service, using technology to make life easier and more efficient.

The HUAWEI cloud based big data, a large area of the implementation of NB-IoT smart parking, traffic police to help achieve business innovation, so once every day 700 million "abandoned" traffic data work, low cost of each parking space for access to the internet. We can view the vacancy by mobile phone, navigation lock. After stopping, auto timing, mobile payment. Effective to help us eliminate the once blind parking spaces, parking prices opaque, cash payment cumbersome and other issues, so that life has become more relaxed and interesting, rather than tedious.

After the unmanned supermarket, the wisdom traffic came again

No one supermarket intelligence fire explosion, HUAWEI began to layout of transportation industry

Intelligent transportation, which is a new world in the field of intelligent HUAWEI. The era of artificial intelligence, our life has become lively and interesting. From Ma began to use artificial intelligence to help Hangzhou city governance, intelligent manufacturing, to enter the medical; today, HUAWEI technology is applied to the traffic in Shenzhen, we will start with the basic necessities of life, more intelligent forms of development.

In 2017, the smart era has accelerated, we encountered, not only opportunities, but also challenges. We will continue to accept new things, we can develop better. Smart future, I believe we can see.

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