The State Council encourages innovation of wisdom and traffi


Recently, the State Council issued "a new generation of artificial intelligence development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), proposed to promote the artificial intelligence and the industry integration and innovation, intelligent carrying tools, intelligent logistics transportation among a number of key.

Intelligent vehicle, "planning" clear, automatic driving vehicle and rail transportation system development, strengthen vehicle perception, automatic driving, car networking, networking and other technology integration and the development of traffic facilities, intelligent sensing system, the formation of China's own technology platform of automatic driving system and product assembly, exploration of automatic driving vehicle sharing mode. Development of consumer and commercial UAVs, unmanned ships, the establishment of testing, identification, testing, sports and other specialized service system, improve airspace, water management measures.

Intelligent logistics, "planning" clearly, strengthen intelligence and unloading, sorting and packaging, processing and distribution of intelligent logistics equipment development and application, the construction of depth perception of intelligent warehouse system, enhance the management level and the efficiency of storage. To improve the intelligent logistics public information platform and command system, product quality certification and traceability system, intelligent distribution scheduling system.

According to "planning", the state will promote the development of intelligent transportation, research and establish the operating vehicle automatic driving and vehicle road coordination technology system. The multi-dimensional traffic information comprehensive data application platform developed under complex scene, intelligent traffic control and comprehensive operation coordination, covering ground, rail, low altitude and maritime intelligent traffic monitoring, management and service system.

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