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In July 2017, Shanghai exchange image information technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai whale rice network technology Co., Ltd. signed the enterprise SaaS cooperation agreement, the whale network support all aspects of the image of the official website of the new version of the upgrade. Last half a month, the image information from the website domain name, visual design, product layout and other aspects of a significant adjustment and optimization to enhance, for the majority of users to bring more professional, rich and efficient experience.

The exchange of information as the official website revision and update product aroused the attention of all parties. After the revision of the official website of the information exchange as intuitively showing three bright spots:

One bright spot: experience, flat design focus on user

After the revision of the website pays more attention to the public's experience and feelings. Make full use of Internet interactive technology and visual style of the latest design. The use of suspended navigation technology, rich home layout information, home page length, increase the number of channels home. In a hot and high-definition picture carousel, increase user visual impact. Through the flat design, page concise, clear column, combined with many rich elements to show the form. Introducing news hot words pushing function.

Highlight two: new design company Pumianerlai, more accurate positioning

After the revision of the exchange of information as official website design more simple atmosphere, to reflect its products, not only will provide users with more convenient experience, and exchange like positioning information "for the wonderful life, see not seen" is also more consistent, achieve win-win business and customers.

Highlight three: the rapid upgrading of new products, the content more clearly

Exchange information as its products not only rich variety and novelty, always in the forefront of the industry based on the. Among them, the "intelligence test" and "intelligent transportation" and "wisdom" factory "intelligent logistics" four major product fast iterative upgrade, after the revision of the overall framework of information exchange as more concise, content segmentation is more clear.


information sources:http://www.x-imaging.com

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